Sunday, July 02, 2006

Princess Leia Sock Monkey

For those that don't frequent they are having a Rockin' Sock Monkey Contest this month.

The contest was to make a sock monkey resembling some one you admire.

Growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s, Princess Leia was my hero.
Whenever I played with my buddies at school or in the yard, I always wanted to be Princess Leia.
She was smart, strong, and courageous and held her own with Luke and Han Solo.
And who wouldn’t want to be the girl who ends up with Han Solo. *swoon*

I have made a few monkeys before but I have never worked harder than I did for this little monkey.

I tried several different options for ‘The Buns’ and finally ended up making my own wig from
Wool -mohair yarn. (I love Lamb’s Pride <3)

For the dress I made my own pattern. It has a single snap in the back and can be removed. And I think it’s even made from that same polyester that became popular just after the original Star Wars.

The eyes were the hardest for me and I think I tried about 8 different options before deciding to go with buttons and embroidery.

For the little blaster, I tried to make a good looking one, but decided I was better off altering a toy.
So, I found a little gun the right size and gave it a custom paint job.

Now, If I could just get my hair to do ‘The Buns’. :D