Sunday, February 26, 2006

Current and Future Projects

I have two projects on the needles at the moment.

A pair of socks in a beautiful self-striping yarn that I have had going for about 6 months... I am bad about that with socks. I have this tiny little tote bag and socks are always my 'travel' project. So if I am not going anywhere they don't get attention.

The other project is something I have wanted to make for almost 2 years and finally got started about a month ago. It's a scarf made from off-white and brown double strand (to look like the tweed that sock monkey socks are made out of) with a band at either end in solid off-white. And a little bit of red thrown in somewhere for the complete color palate of Sock Monkeys. I attempted this scarf in worsted weight wool the first time, but it was ~way~ too bulky. I decided on sport weight cotton. I am about a third done. I made my own chart for one end and haven't decided what I'll make for the other side. I am happy with how the fabric is coming out. It is heavier than I thought it would be. Cotton always seems heavier than I think it will be. :)

I'd like to make some sort of archive of past finished projects. I don't really know how to go about that though.

For future projects. I would like to make a pinwheel baby blanket for a friend of mine, who is due in 4 months. Also, I'd like to make that beautiful corset top of Annie Modesitt's to wear to my cousin's wedding this summer.

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Felted Flower Tote Bag~

I think this project wins the longest I have ever let a project go on for.

This pattern was in the Winter 2002 issue of Knit It! In a section labeled "Weekend Wonders"... knowing how long it took me to finish it, that is almost a joke.

I used the same type of yarn as the pattern called for, (Lamb's Pride) but not all the exact colors (which I regret in the case of the yellow). I found out that if a yarn has been bleached it doesn't felt as well.

The flower is especially neat because it's all one piece and is knit in a spiral, the layers stack on top of each other. I will certainly make the flowers again. Only not out of that yellow color.

The body of the bag is knit in 3 pieces - main piece and two side pieces with garter stitch as an edge along the top and on the whole bottom of the piece.
The main piece has two channels for plastic runners to give the top structure and the bottom has a piece of plastic in it too. The pattern called for quilting template plastic. I didn't have any, so I used plastic rulers that I got for $.25 and stole the bottom piece from a different tote I didn't use anymore.

The pieces are joined with single crochet and then a return of slip stitches back over the the sc.

The main body is knit from single strand bulky weight Lamb's Pride (10 1/2 US needle)Flowers, leaves and vines in single strand worsted (8 US needle)Straps in double strand worsted (10 1/2 US needle)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I just finished a felted hat, now that winter is nearly over.
I am happy with how it came out. I’ll see if I am able to get a picture up. I am still learning this blog interface.
I found the pattern for it here
I used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in single strand instead of the 2 strand worsted method they used for the pattern.
The color is Chocolate Souffle… guarenteeing I’d buy it. hee hee

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Post!

Hiya world!