Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Love My Sock Monkey Scarf

I am finally done with the "Sock Monkey Scarf"!!!
Here is the whole thing.

A little closer of the charts.
Up close of the stitches

I love how it feels the yarn is very soft.

I'll post the details and maybe even a pattern with the chart later. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lake Run this Saturday!

I can't wait for Saturday! I am going to do the Lake Run!!

I have run this one, once before so I know I'm in for some major hills. But it's still fun to get out and run with a buncha other people. :-D

I have just gotten back into marathon training. I am slow, but I love running anyway.

Happy Running!

edit- I had a great time! I ran as hard as I could and was pretty slow, but it was still a fun race.
I remembered that it was hilly, but oh man... it is So hilly! I don't think there is a half-mile of flat on that whole course.

Next race~ The Flat Half Marathon on Sauvie Island. Yay! July 4th

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hair Donation~ Locks of Love gettting a package from me!

I finally decided to take it all (well, alot of it) off!

I went yesterday to get my hair cut~ really cut.

I found out about Locks of Love from a friend of mine about 3 years ago.
She had grown her hair out and donated it. I thought that was pretty neat. I hadn't thought of

actually doing it myself till very recently.

I had always wanted to have long hair. As a kid my hair would simply not grow.
So, growing up in the early eighties as I did, I had a Dorthy Hamil
style most of my childhood.

About 5 years ago I decided to see how long I could grow my hair.
It has been pretty long ever since.
Now, I was ready cut it off and send it away. (After taking a picture of it) *sheepish grin*

Here is the before shot. (sorry these are not great shots, I took them myself with the timer)

From the Back

And Now..... The after shot! 13 inches + gone!

Wow! I feel so much lighter! :-)

From what I felt on my head, I could have sworn they cut off a 1/2lb. of hair. But once I felt it in

my hand, I thought ...

hmm... probably only about 4 oz. I was wrong.

I weighed it and according to my postal scale it's not even 3 oz! More than 13 inches of hair and it

didn't even weigh 3 oz.

I will send it off today.

I love my new short hair, but I will kinda miss that bit *sniff*

I might grow it out again and donate another time. It's a fun thing to do.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dining Room Chairs and Table

This has been one of those ongoing projects~ like for 6 years. ha ha
I have had some ideas lately on more images to add to these chairs. So I thought I should take some images of them how they are now.
Maybe that will inspire me to continue. :-)

The green chair has had the most attention and I don't think I'll add anything more to it.

I like how the legs on the green and yellow chairs turned out. I might do that same idea for all of them...

This is supposed to be the Taj.

The blue chair is my husbands to paint.
This is my favorite panel on any of the chairs. It's the pyramids in Giza. He had to do some field research for the painting.

The table and the chair pads are the same light green color to sorta tie them all together.

The poor red chair has no images at all on it. I am thinking of doing some Sock Monkeys on that one. :-D