Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Favorite Slippers

These are my favorite slippers to make. I've made 4 pairs so far and have requests for about 8 more. Then, maybe, I'll make a pair for myself.

Here are a few of shots of them pre and post felted. Please excuse my foot. (I was using it for scale) ;-)

On this pair I used a contrast color on the band at the bottom. It is barely visible in this shot.

These are a couple of pair I made for a wedding. Her favorite color is green and his is orange. :)

His are actually too big, but he says he doesn't mind.

And finally my kitty cat. She can't stand not investigating anything I put on the floor to take pictures of. So, sometimes I take her picture. :) It's kinda funny. When I am trying to take her picture she never co-operates, but if I am trying to get a picture of something else she's all over it. hee hee.... cats

Thursday, April 06, 2006

First project using Two-Handed weave-in Fair Isle

I absolutely loved the class for this technique. It was so fun just sitting around with other knitters doing what we love to do. And it really is a remarkable way to knit.
I wanted to do a project with the new style soon after learning it so I didn't immediately forget how. I have been working on monkeys so much lately though and didn't have time to make anything very big. So I sorta just free-styled a little monkey sweater.
There are a few parts that are less than perfect, but this little monkey prefers it that way. ;)

Happy Crafting!