Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Classic Sock Monkeys for the Road- To OZ! :)

These two cuties are headed to the land down under. I love it when good ole' folk art gets exported.
Who says America has no culture! ;)Sorry, I guess I might be a bit touchy about that. I was recently in South America hanging out with a nice German guy who did not hold back his opinions of Americas lack of taste and culture.


Back to Sock Monkeys- I've been asked how I make the slightly folded ears for the classic sock monkey.
I draw the shape. (for classic is about 80% of a full circle)
Sew it. (for pre-sewn sock monkey kits this shape is already sewn in)
Turn it right side out.
Bring the two 'corners' together and make a small sorta cone shape and sew that to the sock monkeys head.
Happy Monkey Making!

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